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Welcome to George Manz Coins,
one of Canada's premiere coin collecting sites.

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On August 16, 2014, George Manz, F.R.C.N.A., was awarded a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association at the RCNA convention in Toronto. He is the 39th numismatist to have been presented with this prestigeous award. George Manz was voted the Most Congenial Dealer at the Calgary Numismatic Society show in March 2016.

I've got thousands of Canadian, British, Australian, Irish and world coins and paper money for sale. Everything, from ancients to medals and tokens to odd & curious money and numismatic books. It doesn't matter what you collect, I've probably got something that you will want for your collection.

My web site is constantly changing, so log-on regularly to see what I've added. I specialize in high quality, rare and historic Canadian coins.

NEXT COIN SHOW: September 23-24. Calgary Numismatic Society Show and Sale, Clarion Hotel, 2120 16th Avenue NE.

COMING SOON: a nice collection of world coins and paper money. a nice collection of Canadian pre-Confederation tokens. a large collection of ICCS-graded Canadian coins.

NEW PURCHASES: a nice collection of ancient Roman and Byzantine coins. 1916C sovereign ICCS AU-55 rim nick. Great War Group of 10 awarded to John Colson of Wawota, Saskatchewan. 18th Century Mexico City and Lima 8 reales. Australian Internment Camps threepence token MS-65. Set of 4 rare Keeling Cocos Islands 1913 tokens. U.S. 2007 $5 1/10 pure gold bullion. The coins of British Honduras. 1916c sovereign ICCS AU-50, Canada's rarest gold coin. North West Canada medal 1885 (better known as Riel Rebellion medal). Egypt Medal and Khedive's Star to Canadian Mohawk voyageur on the Nile River 1884-85. German Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939. German Mother's Crosses in Bronze and Gold. ICCS-certified Blacksmith tokens from the Leo Meloche Collection. 1890H 50c ICCS aG-3. 1947 ML 50 cents PCGS MS-64. Newfoundland coins. Trajan and Hadrian sestertius. Bank of Canada 1935, 1937 Osborne and 1954 Devil's Face notes plus Chartered Bank notes. 1948 10 cents ICCS MS-63. 1937 50 cents ICCS MS-64. 1938 50 cents ICCS MS-63. 1947 Maple Leaf PCGS MS-64 from the Pittman Collection. 1948 50 cents ICCS MS-64. 1870 25 cents ICCS AU-50. Silver Dollars including 1945, 1947 BL7, 1947 ML, and 1948. Silver 50 cents including 1899, 1932 and 1948. 1964 Extra Water Line 5 cents. Canadian silver 50 cents including 1934 ICCS EF-45, 1938 ICCS MS-63, 1947 ML ICCS MS-63, Extremely Rare 1947 ML Curved Right 7 ICCS Specimen-62, and 1948 ICCS MS-63. Elizabeth I 1580 6 pence. James I 1603-1604 Shilling. Anne 1709 shilling. 1916c sovereign ICCS AU-50, the rarest Canadian gold coin. Canadian Wrong Planchet Error 1989 5 cents struck on foreign copper planchet. Canada General Service Medal with rare Red River 1870 clasp (the first Riel Rebellion). British India silver rupees 1903-1945. German Third Reich War Medal of Merit 1939. Canadian Chartered Bank notes from Canadian Bank of Commerce 1917 $10, Imperial Bank of Canada 1934 $10, International Bank of Canada 1858 $5, and Bank of Nova Scotia 1929 $10.

RECENT PURCHASES: Victorian 50 cents including 1890H. 1954 PL set. The Salisbury Collection of Canadian large cents. 1870 No LCW 50 cents ICCS G-6, 1872H Inverted A/V 50 cents ICCS F-12. The Ostrom Collection of Canadian Decimal Coins including many rarities and key dates such as 1948 silver dollars, 1904, 1905 and 1908 Specimen 50 cents, and 1925 and 1926 Far 6 nickel 5 cents. ICCS-certified Hudson's Bay Company 1857 brass Made Beaver tokens from the collection of a former HBC factor. 1859 1 cent Repunched 5 ICCS MS-60, 1908 50 cents ICCS SP-64. Large collection of American silver Morgan and Peace dollars including many CC and other Key Dates. German States thalers, 2 mark, 3 mark and 5 mark silver coins. German Weimar Republic 5 mark coins. 1965 silver dollar error with incomplete punch. The Schellenberg Collection of Canadian Victorian silver 10 cents including such rarities as 1875H and 1889. HBC Eastern Arctic 1 White Fox. North West Rebellion medal 1885 awarded to North West Mounted Police constable Joseph Coad. 1883H 5 cents Obverse 4 ICCS VF-20 (one of only 13 known), 1885 5 over 5 5 cents ICCS EF-40, 1899 25 cents ICCS EF-45, 1901 25 cents ICCS AU-55. 1973 Large Bust 25 cents ICCS PL-65. New Brunswick 1864 5 cents Large 6 ICCS AU-50. The Ostrom Collection of rare Canadian paper money including 1898 $1, plus 1935 $20 Small Seal, $20 Large Seal, $25, $50 & $100, as well as 1937 $1000. 1875H Large Date 5 cents ICCS VG-10. Canada General Service Medal with 2 Fenian Raid clasps 1866 & 1870. The Schellenberg Collection of Newfoundland $2 gold. The Schellenberg Collection of Silver 50 cents from 1870-1910 including 1870 No LCW and 1890H. 1967 5 cents PL-65 Cameo with 140 degree Die Rotation. The only Union Bank of Canada $10 Quebec City note in private hands. Only 2 known. The other is in the Currency Museum at the Bank of Canada in Ottawa. New Brunswick 1864 10c ICCS AU-50. 1948 silver dollar ICCS MS-62. Hudson's Bay Company notes including York Factory 1821 Five Shillings and a McDames Creek Post (B.C.) remainder.

PAST PURCHASES: Extremely Rare Riel Rebellion military medals, better known as North West Rebellion 1885 medals. One of the medals has the Saskatchewan Clasp and was awarded to a soldier aboard the steamship gunboat Northcote. Another medal with clasp was awarded to a North West Mounted Police constable who fought at Duck Lake. (for more info press the Militaria icon to your left and then Canada).

Among the most notable coins I have owned are 11 different 1921 silver 5 cents, several 1893 Round Top 10 cents (including one from the Norweb Collection), 1906 Small Crown 25 cents, numerous 1872H A/V (Die Break A) 25 cents, 1870 No LCW 50 cents, 1947 ML Curved Right 50 cents, numerous 1948 silver dollars, 5 different 1966 Small Beads silver dollars, and five extremely rare 1916c gold sovereigns including one from the Belzberg Collection. As you can see, I'm interested in coins that are difficult to obtain, including JOP dollars and early Specimen sets from 1908 and 1911. Newfoundland rarities include 1946c 5 cents (only 2041 minted) and 1880 $2 gold (only 2500 minted). I also specialize in the tokens and artifacts of the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company. One of my NWC tokens was recently sold to the Royal Alberta Museum where it will be on permanent display. Other rarities include a Prince Edward Island holey dollar and a Yap Stone.

WANTED: I am currently looking to purchase rare Canadian Government and Chartered Bank Notes, especially proofs, specimens and issued notes of the Bank of British Columbia, Canadian Bank of Commerce with Yukon or Dawson overrprints, Commercial Bank of Manitoba, Bank of Saskatchewan, Union Bank of Canada Winnipeg 1912 with North West Territories overprint, Bank of Vancouver, and Weyburn Security Bank. I am also on the lookout for Playing Card Money as well as Army Bills from 1813-1815. I am also seeking fur trade tokens from the North West Company, Ralph Parsons, Lamson and Hubbard, Robert Cunningham and Sons as well as all Hudson's Bay Company tokens, paper money etc. Also looking for PEI holey dollars and plugs, as well as Victorian-era Canadian Indian Treaty medals. Also of interest are early Governor General of Canada medals in bronze, silver and gold, especially those of Lord Stanley and Earl Grey. The military medals I am seeking to purchase are a Victoria Cross awarded to a Canadian or British soldier (a real one; I've already got a bunch of replicas); a Naval General Service medal with Shannon and Chesapeake clasp, or Trafalgar clasp; and the Waterloo medal. In world coins I am seeking Chinese dragon dollars (real ones, I've already got lots of counterfeits), Australian holey dollars, Weimar Germany 5 Reichsmark with Zepellin reverse, and Japanese kobans, goryobans and obans. The search is on for all countermarked coins, the cut and countermarked coinage of the Caribbean, and western chopmarked coins used in China and Japan. I am also seeking to purchase spectacular error coins and coins with outstanding toning.

Make sure you view my Coin Gallery for a selection of coins and medals with great eye appeal.


UPDATES: I have returned from several successful coin shows in Canada and abroad where I purchased major collections of Canadian, British, Australian, Irish, South African and world coins, medals, tokens and paper money, so if you like coins and paper money with eye appeal, check them out.

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NOTE: Prices on this web site are in Canadian dollars. I also accept U.S. Dollars, Pound Sterling and Euros.

  • Fellow & member: Royal Canadian Numismatic Association
  • member: American Numismatic Association
  • member: Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers
  • member: Hudson's Bay Company Collector's Club
  • charter member: Cuban Numismatic Association
  • former member: British Numismatic Society
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  • former member: Halifax Regional Coin Club
  • former member: Moncton Coin Club
  • former member: Saint John Coin Collectors Club
  • member: Saskatoon Coin Club
  • honourary member: Franklin Coin Club
  • president & Life Member: Regina Coin Club
  • certificate: RCNA/NESA Canadian Numismatic Correspondence Course Parts I and II

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